The Place I choose to live
Pine needles, enamel paint, plexi glass on wood, steel frame
76 x 48 x 5 inches

The Earth Capsules capture elements of Nature which I collect on my walks. I sandwich these 'seeds of Nature' with toxic paints and foams, creating metaphors for our existence, a window onto Nature, something to reflect on for the viewer.

In recent years I have been working in solitude at the base of the Rocky Mountains, only a 15 minute drive away from Santa Fe. Growing up in a small village in Westphalia, Germany, Nature has always been my greatest inspiration; and after living most of my life in big cities such as Berlin and New York, I craved to be surrounded by Nature again and enjoy the simplicity of painting under the sky. Also, with the awareness of global warming, the extinction of plants and animals, air pollution, etc, I wanted to make a difference as an artist and create an antidote to our current culture.