The Island Series are my first ‘Earth Capsules’ trapping Earth as well as Pigments and Oil paint in-between Glass and Canvas. In the summer of 2015 I prepared a new series of smaller paintings for a group show, while my partner, the documentary filmmaker Adam Horowitz, was working on a documentary on the Marshall Islands. Over the phone we both discussed a great detail of the consequences of the detonation of the biggest Hydrogen bomb Bravo on the Marshall Islands, while at the same time the wind was mixing the Earth onto my canvas. Not consciously but my new works started to take on forms with striking resemblance of the areal shots from the Marshal Islands.

The collective unconscious is common to all: it is the foundation of what the ancients called the sympathy of all things. It is through the medium of the collective unconscious that information about a particular time and place can be transferred to another individual mind.

Blue is the color of the oceans of Marshall Islands, a collection of volcanic rings called atolls, made of tiny islands surrounded by oceans that are thousands of feet deep. A paradise with fisherman, the culture destroyed by nuclear tests during the cold war, with radioactive contamination, and jellyfish babies... Now there is another imminent catastrophe. The islands will disappear from the rising water levels of global warming and so the radiation waste will disappear, another form of Alchemy – do we understand the consequences of our actions?

The Island Series are Earth Capsules for the future, a reminder of our blue oceans. The pigments are sandwiched between Glass and Canvas. The glass is reflecting the viewer like a mirror, the viewer when stepping closer will be a part in the reflection of the image. A reminder we are a part of Nature!
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