From two-dimensional works such as painting and photography to sculptural mirror works and film/video, I work with a variety of techniques to make visible not only the constructed nature of imagery but also the potential to change them.
In my work, I move along the shifting line between the random and the structured, revealing different facets of my preoccupation with the powers and handicaps of perception.
The recent years, I have been exploring the boundaries of Photography and Paintings. My intend was to create a symbiosis and establish new formulas in order to combine my often contradictory interests as artist. I developed works where I sandwich pigments and paints, or photographic prints, and also the combination of both mediums, in-between Glass and Canvas. I entitle those works Glass devices, or the endless series since I often work with repetition and one work can create multiple and also diverse outcomes. Therefore the viewer can experience a chain of thought in my artistic process..
The layers of Glass are also simulating our daily interaction with screens from I-phones, computers, etc…. raising further questions about illusion and reality – an original and a copy – describing an awareness between the existing conditions and a fictional environment.
At the same time, the contrast of different surfaces in my works, matte and highly glossy and reflective works, is creating different levels of depth and illusions. The glossy surfaces are reflecting like a Kaleidoscope once installed in space and interacting with the viewer’s perception. The sensations and details are playing with the known and unknown of our memory in Space and Time in order to connect to intuitive thinking rather then the reading of context. 

This is a travelogue in between the second and fourth dimension. The fourth dimension appears as a two dimensional surface. We project the world around us as a two dimensional surface. It is our extension of our consciousness, that which binds us to the rest of the world.

What remains is the dream of flying. I fixate my eyes to a point at the corner of a table. My eyes hit this point at 30 degrees. I decide to increase this by 45 degrees and take off the ground.

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